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Experience the Innovative Guidance for NEET/JEE/GATE/SLET/NET/IIT-JAM/JNU-CEEB

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Experience the Innovative Guidance for NEET/JEE/GATE/

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This 1-2 year course has been mindfully constructed for Class XI/XII/XII-Pass out students...


The course provides conceptual lecture classes, critical PCM revision sessions, Mock test...

Board Exams

This 1 year Foundation course is applicable for Class IX-XII studying students who...


This specially structured crash course Graduate students who aim to excel in Science stream...


The course is structured to Guide University/Masters students in Science Stream...

Mock-Test Series

This Series-Mock test series ims to help Medical/ Engineering/ Research aspirants to ...

Crash Courses

his specially structured crash course is for duration of 1-3 months and aims...


JS Edusky : One Step Ahead In Medical Guidance

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Enroll soon! Admission open for the session 2020-2021

1) Admission Open: Select our Apt Course(s) and Enroll ASAP!
3) Avail Quality Guidance for UG/PG Science Courses/Entrances.
4) Enroll soon for JS EDUSKY Special Mock-Test series (JSESMTS) & Achieve Success.

One of the prime responsibilities of JS Edusky is to support students for coping up with the advanced academic strategies, providing career counseling and support their co-curricular activities. Often students face academic, personal, or career related pressures during their critical time of preparation for Competitive exams, which are otherwise their major career gateways. To prevent such stress-factors interfering in students’ pursuits, JS Edusky has introduced Students Mentorship program which has monthly mentoring sessions for the students to discuss their overall problems, experience academically-oriented motivational speeches to keep them inspired & focused towards their goal. The Institute once in a while organizes professional counseling sessions where students will learn about how to handle the stress and pressure during their academic journey.

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Thanks for giving JS Edusky a chance to guide and navigate your ward’s career-interests.

Since, Parents are the very first teacher in students’ life; therefore, we would like to take this chance for inviting your valuable opinions about your own ward’s strengths, weaknesses and suggestions towards their improvement.

The sole aim of organizing regular Parent-Faculty interactions in JS Edusky will be students’ holistic development. The focus will be not only to discuss your wards’ attendances, attentiveness and overall performances in our classes but also to illustrate their test results analysis and overall progress.

JS Edusky.

Still Searching For The Best Medical Guidence! Medical Entrance Coaching Center, JS Edusky

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Admission starting 14th April onwards