About the Founder

Dr. Shuvomoy Banerjee, M.Sc., PhD

Dr. Shuvomoy Banerjee acquired his intense teaching experience as an Assistant Professor in Amity University (Amity Institute of Virology and Immunology, Delhi, India) where he taught a wide variety of courses like Zoology, Molecular Biology, Medical Biotechnology, Cancer Immunology, and Microbiology. Dr. Banerjee’s Postdoctoral Research & Mentoring (Graduate students) experiences from University of Pennsylvania (School of Medicine, Philadelphia, USA) and City of Hope National Medical Center (California, USA) has additionally helped him to acquire in-depth knowledge and experience on Advance Medical courses blended with Cutting Edge Research. Previously, Dr. Banerjee completed his Bachelor’s degree (Zoology Honors), Master’s degree (Zoology, University of Calcutta) & PhD Degree in the field of Cancer Biology, with his own Fellowship form CSIR/UGC NET (Degree awarded from Jadavpur University). His strong devotion towards Biological & Medical Sciences throughout the life has fetched Dr. Banerjee many International, National, State, College, School level awards and Research Publications.

After spending about a decade in USA and Delhi, Dr. Banerjee felt that students of his country should comprehend the importance of dreaming big, understanding the current global scenario of job-competition as well as rising demands of Medical Science. This strong feeling led his decision to found JS Edusky-Institute (Kolkata branch) & inspire the current as well as the future batches of students to face the current stressful job-world in a smart and successful way.

Message from the Founder

Dear Students and Parents,

Every student has immense potential to grasp their subject matter but while captivating the basic education they should be accurately guided and directed, so that they don’t get confused at the cross-roads of the professional world. Currently, the competitive scenario is only escalating from school to National/International levels and keeping this view-point, we have started JS Edusky to help students overcome their academic hurdles. Cracking the Medical Entrance examinations or other competitive examinations purely depends on students’ quick learning abilities, retaining power, time management, practicing test-series and therefore, our prime and foremost effort is to provide them with highly experienced & qualified faculties who guide them in just the right way. In this regard, our esteemed Faculties provide fine-tuned academic curricula, to-the point concepts and latest techniques to match the demands of current competitive assessment. We strongly believe that our young generation is the future of our country and through our innovative and expert guidance, JS Edusky will diligently and successfully make the students reach the top of their career success.

Wishing you the very best,

Dr. Shuvomoy Banerjee

Founder & Faculty