BONE GRAFTING: Boons of Bio-Medical Research

Although I completed my B.Tech in Electronics, the field of Bio-Medical-Engineering has always caught my attention. For instance, Bone grafting which is one of the most interestingly and commonly used surgical methods to augment bone regeneration!

The potential of living bone grafts to improve the body’s ability to re-grow its own bone is constantly under Bio-Medical research investigation. Scientists are finding more ways to improve the synthetic bone grafts for not only resisting the rigors & strains of life but also quickly help the bone re-grow and repair.

A synthetic bone substitute however demands certain necessities to allow blood supply and encourage new bone growth. Of Note, the new generation of synthetic grafts has the potential to be reabsorbed by the body, allowing gradual bone regeneration in the defect site. Care needs to be taken while choosing the biomaterials because on one hand if they degrade too quickly, new bone won’t get enough time to grow and on the other if the grafts degrade too slowly can cause mechanical instability to the implantation site. Henceforth, better engineer sophisticated replacement materials is a great deal behind the success of a synthetic graft.

Bio-Medical research is doing a great job as they are examining the strains between bone and graft from various animal models in 3D. It’s right time that more students of our country pursue PhD in Bio-Medical-Engineering field and help mankind!