For science enthusiastic people, ‘Medicine’ is one of the most rewarding and prestigious career. In current times we are very much facing the adverse increase of diseases world-wide and to cope up with this situation, Medical research institutes, Specialty Hospitals, Medical facilities and Health-care providing organizations are also increasing proportionally, therefore, offering excellent employment opportunities and great responsibilities in the field of Medicine. Students really need to understand the importance of getting trained under qualified faculties & specialized Institution in order to crack these entrance exams apart from performing well in their Board exams. JS Edusky offers smart teaching strategies and course-structures that help students to enhance their thinking and reasoning abilities aptly and to successfully prepare for NEET/AIIMS/JIPMER/State Medical-Entrance examinations.

Importantly, there are several School-level competitive exams that work as an encouraging drive for students towards their excellence in academic knowledge and act as a decisive factor for their career choice. The main aim of JS Edusky is to improve intellectual, logical skills and reasoning capabilities of students, so that they can excel in their career-prospects.

Details of some major Medical-Entrance and School-level Competitive examinations are given below: