JS Edusky and its esteemed team of Faculty ensure a positive academic environment for students’ holistic academic growth. The highly Qualified and Experienced Faculties are not only masters of their own subjects but also are dedicated for their students’ career success.

About The Academic Head

Dr. Juni Banerjee, M.Sc., PhD

Dr. Juni Banerjee is a CSIR/UGC NET (Govt. of India) Fellowship awardee in Life Sciences & a PhD Degree holder (Jadavpur Univeristy) in the field of Cancer Biology. Dr. Banerjee not only topped in her School at Final exams but also secured First Class in Bachelors Degree (Zoology Hons., Lady Brabourne College) & Masters Degree (Zoology, University of Calcutta). Subsequently, Dr. Banerjee was offered Postdoctoral Research Fellowship from School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania (UPenn, USA), where she completed Courses in Teaching at “Center for Teaching and Learning” along with collaborations with Eminent Scientists for her Research works. After gaining much expertise in teaching, she worked as a Teaching-Assistant for Vertebrate-Physiology courses in the Department of Biology, School of Medicine (UPenn, USA) for a while. Dr. Banerjee’s passion for teaching took her back to India, where she worked as an Assistant Professor (Grade-I) in Amity University (Amity Institute of Neuropsychology & Neurosciences, Noida Campus, Delhi), and taught various Undergraduate courses for Neurosciences. As her sustained dream to teach in her home-state, she has decided to be a major part of JS Edusky (Kolkata branch) & empower the mission of student’s best career interests.

Message from the Academic Head

Dear Students and Parents/Gardians,Congratulations! You have enrolled yourself with ‘JS Edusky’ and given us an opportunity to effectively navigate your crucial target-exams, be it Medical Entrance examinations (NEET/AIIMS/JIPMER) or Board examinations or various other competitive examinations (viz. Olympiads). Our ultimate goal of teaching is not only to make your requisite course(s)/subjects crystal-clear but also to spark the art of thinking deeply & analytically about them. We are fully dedicated to impart strategy-making & time-managing skills in our students, so that they can brilliantly excel in their target-exams and all other future career endeavors. We truly believe that there lies a huge academic and mentoring responsibility on us towards our students and also expect that our students will work hard in this direction to make their parents and faculties proud of their mettle & success.

With best wishes

Dr. Juni Banerjee

Academic Head & Faculty