Teaching Methodology

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think”- Albert Einstein

Our highly interactive & integrated guidance for PCB ensures building of core concepts, audio-visual classroom learning, practicing differently-graded difficulty levels questions for competitive examinations, covering syllabi from Board exam point of view. The esteemed Faculties make their students understand the importance of performing in the Competitive examinations apart from scoring in the Board exams. The regular assessment of students’ class test-series results will be effectively utilized to bring a turning point for their future progress.

Discipline & Academic care in JS Edusky

General discipline in the Institute

A student is expected to conduct him/herself in responsible and dignified manner. Throughout the academic session, the Institute will monitor students’ regularity, punctuality, attentiveness and examination-discipline. Bullying others in any form is strictly prohibited in the Institute.

Student's Performance and Progress Evaluation​

The Institute will graphically analyze students’ topic/chapter/unit/phase-wise results to reflect their strengths and/weaknesses in particular topic/chapter/unit/phase and convey their preparatory efforts for those particular tests. Discussions based on such reports will be conducted with students and their respective parents/guardians for further improvements.

Issuing of Identity Card (I-card)

After successful registration, each student will be issued an Identity card from the Institute which will be mandatory for their entry to the class.

Student Feedback

To strengthen and fine tune the quality of academic program, JS Edusky gathers and analyze students’ feedback on their programs, courses, study materials, regularity and quality of teaching demonstrated by the Faculties, benefits of JS Edusky practice tests and doubt-sessions, and many other such parameters. The Institute therefore seeks students’ active participation in pursuit of its vision and intellectual growth.